Riiit-shuffling and Riiit-organization

With help from Aithan, I am reshuffling and reorganizing how I’ve put up my content. The last time I did any sort of web-related coding was almost eight years ago, and suffice to say a LOT I knew about HTML and CSS has been gathering dust. As a result, diving back into coding and modifying the code of my website has been intimdating, and I dared not touch it for fear of breaking something horribly. Previously I was using a Portfolio plugin by WEBphysiology; and while I generally liked the functionality, brainstorming with Aithan over coffee provided me a more streamlined approach to the way I wanted to utilize and present my site.

As a result, there will be a little chaos and dust as I move content about. You might have noticed the different look of my various collection pages already! All links WILL remain fully functional during this time; just don’t be surprised if dates on posts change or things move around a bit.

Most notably, I’ve moved all Riiit On My Head updates to the Riiit On My Head page; they will no longer be shown on my front page blog roll. If you happen to be following that, do bookmark the Riiit page!

Big props to Aithan, the code monkey of our duo!