I am a visual storyteller. Drawing has always been my way of giving characters and their stories a physical form, from one sheet of paper to the next. Very rarely was anything still–and if it was, it would soon have something to do or an adventure to go on.

For that reason, comic books, graphic novels and animation appeal to me as they are ways in which a story can be told in a series of pictures–whether it’s three panels in a daily newspaper strip or 24 pictures strung together to play in a second, a story is in motion on a flat medium, coming to life before my eyes.

It’s not just the finished pictures that tell a story; all the pictures and doodles made along the way are part of one too. Ideas and designs often shift and evolve before they are done, and the draft lines and under-drawings are just as important as the final pictures themselves. I’ve dedicated a section of my digital studio to displaying in-progress work and drafts so that anyone who is interested in seeing the development process can do so.

Currently my main collaborative project with Aithan is The Boy Who Loved a Dragon. My major individual project right now is the Ken and Victor series, which crosses a variety of media, and various experimental odds and ends.

When I’m not drawing, I am an avid video game player, and I draw many inspirations from the video games that have been a staple in my childhood (Ken and Victor is one such example!) as well as the games I play today. From simple sandbox games like Minecraft, to the sprawling worlds of Final Fantasy to the immersive first-person experience of The Elder Scrolls, I find that all give me experiences and stories to share for a long time.

Do take a look around, and I hope you find something that will inspire you! Also check out Aithan’s studio while you’re here, or our main project site (if you haven’t already).